Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Believing And Achieving

Today I wanted to write a quick note on hoarding... well, that's where I'm launching from anyways...

I'm a bit of a hoarder.  Not in terms of "stuff and things" but in terms of bins full of my old stuff.  It's gotten to the point that this stuff is a burden and a constant weight on my shoulders.  I have trouble going through it and trying to get rid of old momento's, most of which are paper and notes etc, but I finally feel like I'm in a place where I can deal with it, step by step.

Letting go of this baggage is one of the things on my list of how I want to live in 2014.  A couple of weeks ago I got up the courage to go through an old truck full of "stuff", and I have to say it was a great feeling of accomplishment to organize it into keep, recycle, chuck; and guess what...  I barely kept anything!  The extra bonus being that now we can use this great trunk for something useful, we've decided to fill it with all of our winter gear!!  I still have a lot more stuff to go through, but this was a great first try.

Just a portion of the trunk contents:  yearbooks, diaries, notebooks, school books, jewelry, newspaper clippings, etc.
Something that quickly became quite clear to me while going through all of those old notes and diaries is that I've always been a dreamer and had a lot of thoughts.  The whole "if you believe, you will achieve" proves to be quite accurate, because as I looked through my old musings my life has checked off a lot of those boxes that I noted down at some point during my youth.  Ok, I'm not a professional mountain biker, but I digress....


As I chuckled and sighed through my old thoughts and dreams, I realized that as of late, I've stopped doing this kind of thing.  Could it be that the fear of failing is holding me back from dreaming?  Am I just tired?  Oh, I still have thoughts of wanting to be this or do that, but I haven't set a goal and forged through to attain it since planning our wedding, which went just great!  So, I'm jumping back in the game.

I've started a separate tab at the top of this page called "Believe & Achieve" and will be documenting the things that I set out to do, both small and large.  Check it out here.

What are you working towards right now?

XO - Michelle

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