2014 = Awesome


2014 is going to be awesome; the true continuation of making my life a healthier and happier one.  Instead of resolutions I made a list of the way I want to live, let's see how much I can accomplish this year!

  • Try a new hair style - with bangs.
  • Work towards my goal weight and body.  Always be excited and proud of my progress, and always love myself just the way I am in that moment.
  • Find joy in exercising.
  • Go to the ski hill.  Enjoy riding the chairlift, being on top of a mountain, and the wonderfully smooth feeling of gliding down the hill.
  • Try some new hikes.  Don't be afraid of slowing down the rest of the group.  Enjoy the gorgeous views and fresh air.
  • Ride my bike!  I love biking and need to do it more!  Spin on the trainer during the winter and ride as much as possible once the snow clears.
  • Spend less money on things and more on experiences.
  • Love to eat.  Increasingly get better at making healthy choices.  Be inspired by new recipes, how much better I feel, and take time for a nice presentation.
  • Find delight in what I'm learning at school and always have a sense of moving forward to success and happiness in a career.
  • Lose the baggage!  Donate, throw out, and sell my extra things and old clothes.  Excess = Stress.
  • Try not to be so nervous and awkward when chatting with old acquaintances!  Take time to chat, make eye contact, and remember the details that I always seem to forget at the time.
  • Take care of myself.  Don't put off making appointments.  Take some time to pamper and care what I look like.
  • Use the gear I have.  I don't have the newest or the best of outdoor gear, but it doesn't matter!  Stop thinking that I always need to upgrade and use what I've got!! 
  • Get out of town!  Do some road trips and check out some neat new places. 
  • Balance being a wife, student, employee, friend, daughter, sister; and be comfortable with each roll.  Make time for all of those who mean so very much to me.
  • Greet my day with positivity and try to carry that feeling with me throughout the day, no matter what kind of pitfalls may end up happening.

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