Friday, February 07, 2014

Five Things Friday {2}

Happy Friday!!!  We are welcoming the weekend with a surprise snowy visit, which as usual, I'm into! 
Cody is heading back to work on Sunday, which is sad, but in the meantime we have some things to look forward to such as buffet dinner with the fam tonight, seeing our friends Marshall & Heather, dinner out at Pedal and Tap with Danielle & Will tomorrow, and (for me) A LOOONG WEEKEND for BC's Family Day! 

I'm back for another Five Things Friday link up thanks to Clare at Fitting It All In!!

Five Things I Ate: 

My favorite breakfast - Sweet potato hash, chicken cranberry sausage, and an egg. 

Barbeque bacon burger with rosemary garlic mushrooms (Against All Grain), with potato wedges.  Add a little homemade guac, low sodium ketchup, and some Amazing Dad's BBQ sauce on the side for dipping and it's a perfect Celebrate Thursday meal!!

The most delicious quinoa bowl!!!  Loaded with prawns, tofu, broccoli, red pepper, carrots, sweet onion, and green onion and flavoured up with World Foods Turmeric Lemon Grass sauce.

Deer meat taco bowl.  In love with how low fat and truly free-range this deer meat is!

Perfect Fit protein pancakes!

Five Teas I'm Loving:

Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Plus

My go-to cold remedy tea.  As soon as I feel any cold symptoms, I brew up a pot of this tea and truly believe that it helps me fight it off.  Something that I love about Traditional Medicinals tea is that they leave a little love note on all of their tea bags:

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane

I think this was my first favorite tea.  It's like a Christmas party in your mouth.  Deliciously candy cane like, it's a seasonal tea and one I try to stock up on to get me through the year until the holidays come around again.

Banff Tea Co. Candy Mint

Similar in flavour to the Candy Cane Lane, but in a league of it's own.  I love that it's loose leaf and I also love that it's made in Banff!

Pukka Night Time

I found this tea at Sprout Grocery and decided to give it a try at bed time.  I'm thinking it works!!  On the nights that I drink it before bed I have a WAY easier time falling asleep!! Although it smells kind of like it's not going to taste good it actually has a really nice mellow flavour.

Silk Road Chai Tea

My brother bought me a tin of this tea for Christmas, and it is so aromatic and delicious!  It's loose leaf, which as I mentioned before is my favorite.  My mom introduced me to making a Chai Latte, which is my favorite way to use this tea: half a mug of steeped chai, half a mug of warm almond milk, add raw honey to taste. 

Five Random Things I'm Loving Lately:

The warming socks treatment!!!  I've had nothing but success fighting colds with this handy little trick.

Vega Recovery Accelerator in Tropical.  I swear by this stuff to help my muscles not ache for dayssss after a workout.

Hawaii Five-0, our new favorite show!!!

Local bacon, I feel SO much better about eating local meat.  You can find this stuff at Centex in Kimberley.

The fact that OUR TRIP IS BOOKED!!!  We are heading to Manhattan Beach in May, I am so excited!!! 

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

XO - Michelle


  1. I have never tried that Pukka tea, but the packaging is so pretty. Your breakfast is protein packed - love it! Where do you get your sausage?

  2. Hi Julie!!

    The packaging of Pukka tea is SO pretty, you're right!! I was always hesitant to buy it because it's a bit pricey... but so worth it.

    I buy the sausage from Sprout Grocery in Kimberley, BC. It's made locally by a butcher in this area - so good!