Monday, February 10, 2014

My First Yoga Class

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Us BC folks are so lucky to have Family Day today!  I'm using my extra day off to set up a speed and cadence sensor on my bike, prep some food, and read some more the The Start Here Diet.

I did something marvelous (hosted by Healthy Diva Eats) this weekend, something that has intimidated me for a very long time...  I attended my first yoga class!!!


I have been wanting to try yoga for years now but have always been too intimidated to go.  I am not bendy or flexible and with my recently added weight I couldn't fathom the thought of squishing around into all sorts of poses.

BUT Danielle and Kirsten have been giving Glow Yoga & Wellness such high praises that I decided to suck it up and join them for a class.

It was an Ashtanga 1 class and it was perfect for my skill level.  I was able to hold the poses, but it was a bit of an effort to do so.  On Sunday I could feel a satisfying soreness in my shoulders, back, and thighs and so would highly recommend this to beginners.  It was not nearly as intimidating as I was expecting, there were people of all sizes and shapes in class, and skill levels varying from people like me to really bendy uber yogis.

What I loved about yoga is that while it was a definitely a workout for my bod, the emphasis on breathing and keeping a clear mind was so relaxing and rewarding.  I left feeling refreshed and ready to take on my Saturday.


If anyone is like me and has let intimidation keep them from trying yoga, grab a friend for support (and to look at for help with poses, thanks Danielle!) and get yourself to a beginner class, you will not regret it!!

I'm happy to report that something from my "Believe & Achieve" tab can now be marked as achieved :)

XO - Michelle

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