Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What I'm {Not} Eating Wednesday

Over the past few months I've been taking a really big look at my digestion.  I've had digestive issues since forever (we decided I had IBS in elementary school) but after starting my studies at CSNN I realized just how seriously an unhealthy digestive system can effect the body!  Not only have my digestive issues hampered my physical health, I also feel that they have caused me a lot of anxiety and upsets emotionally and socially.  Anyone who has had symptoms of IBS will completely get where I'm coming from.

Although I've made efforts to improve my food choices on and off throughout my life, these past few years have seen me putting forth more time, effort, and thought.  The more in tune I become with my body though, the more I realize that food choices alone aren't going to fix this, so I enlisted the help of a holistic nutritionist (The Healthy Ginger), an acupuncturist (Open Gate Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic), and a naturopath (Kootenay Health Centre).

While I'm slowly working towards healthier digestion, I've realized that this is a really intricate journey and not something that will happen overnight.  I'm trying to journal my successes and failures and hope to be seeing a huge improvement by this time next year.  While I am having improvement compared to this time last year, I think that realistically it is just going to take a lot of patience and belief in myself to get to where I want to be!!  While food choices are an important factor, what is most difficult is realizing how involved emotions and feelings are.  I guess I've known this for a while (deep down) but now am realizing I'm going to have to learn how to deal with stress, anxiety, feelings, etc. in a way that hopefully won't effect my digestion, I feel that it will be my biggest struggle.


So this weekend I had about a million digestive issues.  Since it was a weekend and I was feeling nice and calm I decided it had to be food choices and not stressy feelings that were messing me up, so I got to thinking that maybe I needed to evaluate what I've been eating lately.  I referenced my handy Health Binder where I keep track of such things, and noticed that my intake of prepared - yet healthy - foods has been quite high lately.

While I try really hard to cook and bake everything from scratch at home, sometimes it is sooo tempting to grab a healthy pre-made alternative.  I think in rare instances this works well for me, but as it becomes a more frequent habit my system starts to go into rejection mode.

I've decided to nix these (my faves) and most other pre-made foods until May 19 (the day we leave for California), my favorite go-to's, my sometimes saviours, and also the stuff that could very possibly be contributing to the violent gut ache I had all weekend.  I'm already excited to add them back into my diet at some point...  So long for now friends...



I want to point out that these products are GREAT options for alternative food eaters and have really awesome ingredients, it's just that I took using them to the extreme.  

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Have you had problems with your digestion?  Do you have an IBS success story?

XO - Michelle

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