Kootenay Love & Local Reviews

Some of my local (Kootenay) loves:

Favorit Cycles.  Cranbrook, BC.  Disclaimer - my brother works here.  BUT.  I love Favorit Cycles.  I always recommend this bike shop to anyone wanting to get into riding or upgrade their bike.  James is always willing to make a deal, and is super helpful when it comes to what to buy, price point, and quality.  These guys will set you up with all the accessories you need, and also carry cross country ski gear for the snow months.  Tune ups and other shop services are also available, and Favorit has that awesome bike shop vibe to it that you don't always find these days with more and more big box stores coming into town.  Check. it. out.

Pedal and Tap.  Kimberley, BC.  Oh P&T, how I love you.  Cody and I frequent Pedal and Tap as much as we possibly can.  Dietary restrictions aside Mucky Fries, The Camburger, and Caesars are some personal faves.  The beauty of eating here is that even when I need to be careful of my eats, I can still order!  My delicious tummy friendly faves are the Pedal to the Meadow and the Rails to Trails (sans goat cheese).  They have a regular menu as well as a gluten free menu.  This is my favorite restaurant ever.  The atmosphere is unlike anything else around, and the service is always great.  It's rocking most night and we've even eaten at the bar a few times.  It doesn't matter, the bartenders are rad, the servers are rad.  Go here and love it up.

ROAM.  Rivers, Oceans and Mountains.  Nelson, BC.  This is where Cody and I bought our kayaks.  Haleigh helped us to make the somewhat daunting task of deciding what kayaks to choose.  She was really knowledgeable in a non-intimidating way and her sales approach was low key and easy going.  Both of our kayaks were on sale and she took it a step further by finding Cody's chosen kayak in a rental model which gave him the colour he was after plus an additional discount.  The store is full of outdoor sport-loving staff and awesome, quality products.  They also offer rentals if you're interested in trying before buying, or just aren't ready to commit to buying yet.  Check out their site for awesome information and rad pictures.

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