Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Things Friday {1}


Congratulations to all of us for making it through another week.  Gosh, it's just the best feeling!

I decided to participate in the Five Things Friday link up hosted by Clare at Fitting It All In because I love reading other people's Five Things!! 

5 Things I Ate:

Root Beer Pulled Pork

This recipe hails from Healthful Pursuit, and it's a winner!!!  Cody's dad and I put our pulled pork on mashed sweet potatoes while Cody and his bro went with delicious looking buns.  I made a few adjustments to the recipe such as using about a 3 lb pork tenderloin and replacing the Zevia Root Beer with Blue Sky Root Beer.

Quinoa Crusted Snapper in a Chili Lime Marinade

I've featured this recipe from Inspired Edibles using sole on a different Friday, but thought it merited mentioning that snapper is also a delicious option!  As well, this time I used olive oil instead of coconut oil and marinated the fish in the fridge for a little while.  It was more flavorful this way and also the quinoa flake mixture stuck a lot better since the olive oil didn't harden like the coconut oil did.

Lara Bars

Lara Bars have been saving my snack life this week!  Since I didn't prep many snacky foods, these have been my go-to and it's great to have a good option available for grabbing out of the pantry.  This week I had Coconut, Apple, and tried Blueberry for the first time!


Such a yummy snack!!!  My favorite way to dress my popcorn:  pumpkin seed oil, chili powder, nutritional yeast flakes, sea salt.  So good.

Hardbite Chips

I buy them mostly because they're tasty, but I have to admit a big winner for me is that they have pictures from different BC scenes on each different flavor's bag!!!  Smokin' BBQ, for example, is a pic from the Kootenays and Rock Salt & Vinegar is a surfer catching waves in Tofino; very smart marketing, I may be a sucker to fall for this but I really do think it's cool!

5 Songs I'm Turning Up:

Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

White Walls - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

What If I Was Willing - Chris Carmack (From Nashville!!)

Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood

Drink to That All Night - Jerrod Niemann

5 Words/Phrases/Things I've Learned From My In-Laws:

"Dirty Bulking" - When someone is eating a surplus of calories to bulk up, and they incorporate those extra calories in the form of McDonald's or junk food.

"Freshie" - Like a powder day, new snow.

"Like it's my job" - For example:  "I checked the snow report all day like it was my job".

One footed tricks are the new thing to do on a snowboard.  As in you do a back flip with only one foot strapped in to your binding.

You can never have too many blender bottles.  You can use your blender bottle to mix up scrambled eggs.

5 Things I'm Coveting From Winners:

This tree painting, it's huge and would fill up our loft wall perfectly.

This tree, we have a smaller version but this one is big and I think it would look great above our headboard.

This chair, to use as a desk chair.  Currently I have a crappy folding chair at my desk and it's hard to spend more than an hour sitting there.  Uncomfortable.  This chair = comfortable. 

Maxi Dresses.  I bought a really cute one last time I was in, and it's got the perfect racer back and I think it could be dressed up or down.  Now I want a few more...

Tights.  Winners has the most amazing selection of tights and I would be happy to stock up on some more

5 Reasons I'm So Excited To Eat At Pedal and Tap Tonight!!:

One:  We don't have to cook

Two:  We don't have to clean up

Three:  I would really love a Pedal to the Meadow burger, please

Four:  I would also love to have a delicious caeser

Five:  Pedal and Tap is always a win

Be sure to check the link up to read other bloggers Five Things Friday post.  Enjoy your weekend!!

XO - Michelle

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