Friday, January 17, 2014

Food I'm Loving Friday {2}

This was a pretty good week.  It seems as though almost everyone in my life is trying to make their lifestyle a healthier one, thereby making my lifestyle a healthier one!  Texts and conversations with friends, family, and Cody throughout the day keeps those healthy thoughts in the forefront, which seems to be the key to success.

While I didn't work out nearly as much as I was hoping, I took some of the advice that I gave to a friend and focused on eating healthy meals and not feeling guilt over the lack of scheduled exercise.  The healthier my food choices get, the more energy I'm going to have in the coming weeks to add more and more exercise to my life.

Props to:
  • Cody for heading to the gym almost every night this week!!  Knowing he's dedicated makes me want to be dedicated as well!
  • Nancy for making healthy food choices all week long and texting me daily to check in
  • Danielle & Kirsten for a lovely dinner out at Hot Shots full of positive conversation
  • Mom for making me a healthy lunch when I didn't bring anything into town and keeping me upbeat

Happy Friday y'all!!!

Food I'm Loving Friday

Jennies Carob Macaroons

Cody put some of these in my stocking and they're a really decadent treat/snack! 

Beer and Bacon Chicken with Gravy 

You can never go wrong with a Healthful Pursuit recipe!  My mom made this for family dinner and it was absolutely yum!  We used GF beer and had sides of mashed sweet potato, roasted beet/turnip/carrot, rice, and salad.  I plan on using this recipe at my house sometime soon!  It's also one of those meals that makes the house smell amazing all day!!

Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

These breakfast cookies from Eating Bird Food are the perfect morning snack!  Kind of like a chocolate chip banana muffin, kind of like oatmeal; my new 10 am go-to snack :)

Quinoa Crusted Sole  

A healthy version of crispy breaded fish, I saw this recipe from Inspired Edibles on Pinterest and am so glad I tried it!!

XO - Michelle

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