Friday, January 10, 2014

Food I'm Loving Friday {1}

Yahoooo!  Another weekend is here, so happy :)

My most favorite, share-worthy eats from this week:

Deer Tacos

My mom made bison tacos last week that she was kind enough to share with me for lunch, and since then I've been craving MORE!  So more we made.  We used ground venison from Cody's first deer and he seasoned it up with his cooking magic.  I toasted a brown rice wrap in the oven until it was taco shaped, and then filled it with sauteed veg, venison, home made guac, and daiya cheese.  The key to delicious guac = jalapeno!!!

Banana Nut Waffles

I wanted some banana waffles on the weekend and found this recipe from Cookie and Kate.  I subbed in brown rice flour to suit my dietary preferences and was so thrilled at how well they turned out!!!  I topped mine with ghee and pure maple syrup, while Cody went the peanut butter route.

Wild Blueberry Crumble

I used a recipe from Eating Bird Food for this crumble and it is so amazing that we've already eaten our way through two batches of this deliciousness.  I paired the crumble with some vanilla coconut milk ice cream made in my new ice cream maker (thanks to Mom and Dad, who gave it to me for Christmas)!

I found frozen BC grown blueberries at Centex in Kimberley and they are so much tastier than the usual frozen store bought kind.  Hopefully this spring/summer I can do some berry picking of my own for some uber-local berry goodness.

Pedal and Tap

My usual order of Pedal to the Meadow, which is their veg burger option and my tummy-friendly option!  

Fish Tacos

I suppose mine wasn't technically a taco, but that was the idea.  I toasted a brown rice tortilla and topped it with broccoli slaw (mayo, dijon, maple syrup, lime juice), sole (lime juice, grapeseed oil, Oleo & Spice Thai Spice Blend), guac, and tropical salsa (created by Cody).

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

XO - Michelle

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