Wednesday, January 29, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things {1}

Well hello to the snow!!!  It was beginning to look a lot like spring, and then BAM I got to work this morning and it started dumping!!! (I am not complaining).


Aside from the snow, I thought I would share some other things that I've been loving lately:

Oleo & Spice and everything nice Thai Spice Blend

We bought this spice in Nelson, BC at the farmer's market this summer and it is awesome!!  I especially love it on white fish.  We used it on our sole for fish tacos and it was amaaazing.  I haven't seen it for sale actually at all around Cranbrook/Kimberley.  Their hot sauce is for sale at Save On Foods in Cranbrook, but the spices.. harder to find...  If you see it around please let me know!!

My Phone Case

I found this phone case on Etsy after searching around for the loooongest time trying to find "the one".  Like months.  For whatever reason.  Anywho, I'm so thankful that I waited until finding this one!  Awesome purchase.


Hunter Boots

I've discussed them before, but could repeat it a million times.  Hunter Boots ROCK!  I have a pair of rain boots from Target as well, and while they are also cute, Hunter boots are just where it's at.  Quality with a capital Q.  My Sovereign Purple ones are this style and I just think they are so beautiful!!  Next on my color wishlist would be the Crimson Pink, Lipstick, or Feather Blue.


SmartWool Base Layer

I have been wanting a SmartWool base layer shirt for the longest time, and finally found the one I wanted for a good deal at Sierra Trading Post.  Such a great purchase.  It's my most comfortable, best fitting base layer and keeps me warm without making me too warm.  This one's official name is the NTS Midweight Pattern Base Layer Top.


The Start Here Diet by Tosca Reno

I'm not even half way through but I am freaking out at how good this book is!!  Tosca Reno has a way with words and I feel like almost anyone could totally relate to some part of her story and take away tons of positivity from reading any of her books, but especially this one.  I really really really hope that everyone takes the time to read it!


XO - Michelle

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