Monday, January 13, 2014

Make A Plan Monday {1} & Hunter Boot Love


Well hello to a new week!  I'm ready to tackle this week full on keeping some important things in mind:
  • Get into a beneficial sleep pattern.  I would like to aim for being in bed by 9:30/10:00 pm and waking up at 6:00 am
  • Do a major house clean.  
  • Add more exercise!  I have been flirting with the thought of trying James Wilson's Fitness Map workouts again, or just riding my bike in the basement... will keep you posted :)
  • Practice positive thinking.  I read a blog post from Alison Smith about creating a gratitude jar and it seems like a really neat way to find some positives in each day. 
  • Work hard on school!  I am ready to do my second test and move on to the next section!!
What a great weekend.  Family dinner, episodes of Chuck on Netflix, cuddles with Cody and Phil, SNOW and shoveling, grocery shopping, and finally some good sleeps!  On the down side Cody had to go back to work yesterday, what a bummer!!! 

Waking up to snow, Cody shoveling, Me admiring the snow, IN LOVE with my new Hunter boots!
Can I just take a moment to say how awesome Hunter Boots are?!  You may think it's weird to wear rain boots in the snow, but it's actually genius.  They are warm (if paired with wool socks), dry, and comfortable; not to mention tall and snug enough that snow rarely finds it's way in.  I have been wanting a pair for so long and Cody bought me some for Christmas - in purple.  He is awesome.

Meal Plan for Jan 13-17

Monday:  Quinoa Crusted Sole with Rainbow Salad
Tuesday:  Cilantro Chili Turkey Burgers
Wednesday:  Baked Tofu Rice Bowl
Thursday:  Prawns and Quinoa Bowl
Friday:  Wing it

I tend to wing it on the weekends because they are busy, I may end up in town or visiting friends, and it's a chance to use up any left overs or odds and ends.  In the future, as my goals change, I'll probably start planning for Sat & Sun as well.

My wonderful friend Danielle got home yesterday which is very exciting for me!  She is my best friend as well as someone who inspires me to stay on the healthy track, so I missed her very much for the eleven whole days that she was away.  The only sad part is it means I had to give her kitten, Phil, back this morning.  Damn.  I already miss his freight train purring.

Phil hogging the remote, Phil helping me with school, Phil rearranging the shoe rack

XO - Michelle

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